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Online Monitoring

The remote online monitor a large number of products throughout the purification equipment installed in the vehicle, how to track its working condition, how to ensure that users not to remove, and how the statistics of emission reductions, regulators how to track supervision, how to obtain environmental data to provide the basis for the formulation of the policy? In order to solve these problems, the product supporting remote online monitoring smart cloud platform can effectively solve the above problems, through the data acquisition and wireless terminal products will upload module of the moving vehicle and the operation data of the product in real time reporting, will set up the cloud server cluster data storage, statistics and forwarding, culminating in the client (PC machine, intelligent terminal equipment) display, APP display applications including B/S browser and C/S.

Online monitoring platform layout front-end acquisition module will run parameters, including speed, pressure, temperature, additives, PM2.5 emission reduction, and the running status information through wireless networking transmission, in addition to Beidou /GPS dual-mode module real-time reporting running position of the vehicle; the cloud server for the cluster service of Linux system security, stability and safety system.

The first layer of the online monitoring system is the equipment access layer, which is connected with the hardware, and realizes the combination of the vehicle and the network. The second layer is a layer of our service covers, registration, management, storage, GIS services and other functions, these services are modular and highly scalable, it can be deployed in a large scale, a specific function of the server, we have specialized cloud management server, can realize the load balance and heat under the framework of cluster management. Because the platform is an online monitoring of the vehicle, there will be a large number of front-end concurrent problems and the needs of the late system, so in the design of the core access and management server has been done to consider. The third layer and the fourth layer are reserved interface layer and adapter layer, which can be used for late platform compatibility and application expansion, and enhance the availability and ease of use of the platform. The fourth layer is the business logic layer, all of the data in this classification, statistics and applications: including real-time monitoring, basic information, GIS system, system management and statistical analysis of the five modules. The last layer is the application layer, because it is the B/S architecture, so the main WEB client, as well as the wall of the monitoring center shows that the latter will join the mobile phone APP, the formation of mobile law enforcement mode. Such business logic design, for the relevant departments to study the environmental capacity, the implementation of total control, the goal of management and to provide a scientific basis for the development of urban development planning. In addition, in order to ensure the security of the data upload front end equipment, wireless Internet using VPN channel transmission, to ensure that the data link resources unique, anti-jamming, and further enhance the security of the data. The final supervision department can get the running state of the front vehicle and equipment through remote interface.

Online client interface diagram of regulators online monitoring system, but also through the statistical chart view vehicle emission rate, area and other information, these large data and abundant charts can provide scientific data support for environmental supervision department.

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